Thứ Ba, 27 tháng 3, 2012

Mỹ Tâm (My Tam) Remembers Whitney Houston - Live in Vietnam - I Will Always Love

At the same time Whitney Houston was being celebrated in her home church in New Jersey, half way around the world in Vietnam, My Tam, Vietnam's most celebrated popular Diva, remembers her with a live rendition of " I Will Always Love You." Mỹ Tâm who is a thoroughly original performer sometimes reminds me of aa combination of Whitney Houston and Tina Turner. After apologizing that she hadn't sung this song in mant years, My Tam gives a moving performance of a song that has become a wedding and Karoke standard in Vietnam. Her energy, stamina and charisma is remarkable as is the fact that you can enjoy her performances live in intimate venus in Ho Chi Minh backed by Vietnam's finest popular musicians that are also quality studio musicians. The guitarist who solos on this cut is Tấn Phong, he records frequently and is often on national television. This iive performance was at Saigon's newest music club, Davang, on 206 Pasteur Street is the heir to the original Khong Ten Club, the site of many memorable performances in Vietnam's remarkable pop revival of the past decade.

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